Create a 95% Passive Business with Etsy & Printful

You should already have an account with Etsy and with Printful set up before taking this course.
Have you ever wanted to create your own products? Or your own (mostly) passive business?

Then creating products using Printful & Etsy may be for you.

Using Printful & Etsy’s integration, you can create all sorts of different designs, have them printed on products, and have products delivered to your customers without you having to do more than clicking a few buttons on your computer.

I want to show you how I created my own small side business using Etsy and Printful’s awesome integration.

Create Your Own Brand Selling Physical Products On Etsy:

Come up with ideas for designs and products
Make your designs and ideas come to life!
Adding your new designs to Printful as products is as easy as could be
What We’ll Cover

I’ve created this course to be easy to follow, even for beginners that aren’t very familiar with Etsy or Printful. The beauty of how this all works is that you can create your own line of products without being a designer and without having to set up your own website. With Etsy + Printful, all you have to do is add designs (that you’ve made or have had created) and voila – You now have physical products and your own online store!



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