Security Fundamentals (Arabic Edition) اساسيات امن المعلومات

What you’ll learn
  • After This Course you will be able to start your career path in Information Security World .
  • Basic Knowledge of Information Technology

This course is the main gate to the Security world it include a brief description about all Security branches that make have a direction for the next step .

course include more than 160 HD videos and include assignment after every module that will help to make sure that you well understand the module .

اول دورة يتم تقديمها باللغة العربية في امن المعلومات بشكل احترافي من الدرجة الاولي من حيث جودة المحتوي والصوت والاخراج وحقوق ملكية الافراد للحاصلين علي الدورة.

CompTIA Security +الدورة متكاملة فى محتواها و تم مراجعتها للتاكد من كافة المعلومات الوارد بها و تؤهلك لاجتياز امتحان شركة

the Course Include the following Modules

محتويات الدورة كالاتي

Module 1 -Introduction

Module 2 Understanding The Risks

Module 3 AAA Concept

Module 4 -Network Devices

Module 5 Network Design Elements

Module 6 Security Threats

Module 7 -Wireless Networks

Module 8 Application Security

Module 9 Host Security

Module 10 -Data Security

Module 11 Security In The Cloud

Module 12 Social Engineering And Physical Security

Module 13 -Disaster Recovery

Module 14 -Cryptography

Module 15 Monitoring Networks

Module 16 Security Administration

Who is the target audience?
  • Security Engineers , Information Security Engineers


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