SEO WordPress- Rank 1st Page Google With All In One SEO Pack

Guide Step by Step and improve your your local business ranking on 1st Page of Google

What Will I Learn?


  • Get ranked on google 1st Page for your local business
  • Learn what I did to be on 1st Page of Google within 5 days
  • Use of quality Keywords on your Title Page and Meta descriptions
  • Out rank your local competitors
  • Get Organic and local business search results
  • Learn WordPress SEO On Page Optimisation
  • Get more organic traffic search result on Google business listing


  • No Prior Knowledge required for this training
  • A WordPress Website is required
  • You will have a computer or laptop with internet connection


SEO stands for Search Engine optimisation. If you want to your business or local business to be seen or discovered online , your website needs to be optimised.To optimise your WordPress website we will be using a WordPress SEO Plugin to achieve this. A key success to your website being on 1st Page of Google determines how you have used your keywords and good contents across your Title Page and Meta Description.

  1. Keyword is the key for your google ranking.Its the key that makes your website discoverable
  2. If your website is not on 1st page of Google you are missing something
  3. I will guide you step by step to see what I did to be on first page.

I live preview will be used to demonstrate this.

  1. I will be working you through on how your website will be indexed as quick as possible.
  2. I will be working you through on how each page or categories of your websites are fully optimised
  3. Do you also know that quality contents and clickable URL’s are also key factors to enable you be on 1st page of Google.

There are many tips , resources and secret weapons you will be learning to achieve this.

I believe you watched my preview and you saw me all in 1st page of Google.
I guarantee your website to be on 1st page of Google if you follow me step by step.

Get benefited today for this course. Get enrolled and see how your local organic search result on your website
will bring in fortune.



Who is the target audience?

  • All WordPress beginners
  • WordPress users that want their websites on google 1st page

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